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Green Energy Plant in Rajasthan


High up solar represents a unique opportunity to invest in a leading solar power company in India with a track record of execution and high growth

Invest in solar

We invite you to be part of the India growth story as well as the rise of Solar Power as the new source of power for the same.

Investment in on-site solar helps you

Diversify your investment portfolio with long term, stable cash flows Benefit from various tax benefits available to investors in solar power Build a portfolio of assets whose value rises with rising cost of grid power

How Investor’s amount safe and secure?

Because we are providing Bank guarantee against invested amount.

We provide customised energy solution using high up and advance technology to suit our customer specific requirements and our product is photovoltaic power station, also known as a solar park, is a large-scale photovoltaic system (PV) designed for the supply of merchant power into the electric grid. Our Customers may receive significantly lower rates on the solar electricity generated by the System

Investor’s benefits

    (1) PPA (Power Purchase Agreement):-
    Revenue earned through sale of electricity to private party or government.

    (2) Tax Holiday for 10 Years:-
    No income tax is payable on revenue earned from solar for 10 years.

    (3) 100% Accelerated Tax Depreciation:-
    This will help in huge tax benefit on your existing business revenue. You can claim for 80% depreciation in 1st year and 20% in second year and so on for further years.

Customers benefits

Sustainability Lower cost energy Long Terms Reliable Power Source It provide social and economic benefits Pollution free clean energy. Decrease customers electricity bill through solar energy


Land is required to setup a 1MW solar power generation Unit

The land required for a 1 MW power plant setup is around 4.5-5 acres for Crystalline technology and around 6.5-7.5 acres for Thin-Film technology. This is only a rough benchmark and may vary based on technology and efficiency of panels.

Life of Solar Plant

The useful life of a typical Solar Power plant is considered to be 25 years. This is the duration for which long-term PPAs are signed and financial models are built. However, Solar Power plants can run beyond 25 years while producing a lower output. Many Solar Panel manufacturers guarantee an output of 90% at the end of 10 years and 80% at the end of 25 years.

Annual Energy Generation From 1 MW

The usual benchmark for energy generated from a 1 MW Solar Power plant is considered as 1.5 Million units. This is only a benchmark and should not be considered as the actual output for a given location. The amount of actual energy generated from a Solar Power Plant in an year depends on both internal and external factors. External factors which are beyond the control of a Solar developer can include the following:

  • Number of sunny days
  • Solar Irradiation
  • Day Temperatures
  • Air Mass

The output also depends on the following internal factors all of which are within the control of a Solar Developer:

  • Plant Location
  • Usage of Solar Tracking systems
  • Quality of equipment used
  • Workmanship of the EPC contractor
  • O&M activities

Setup Cost

Total project cost per MW would be in the range of Rs.6.5 Crores-Rs.8 Crores depending on the kind of technology ,whether or not you are using tracking systems, the kind of EPC Contractor you choose for power plant system etc.

Benefits form Solar Power Plant

Central/State benefits are available for Solar Power plant setup

Solar plants can be categorized into 2 broad categories – Grid Connected and Off-Grid plants. The usual Govt. support available for an Off-Grid plant is a Capital Subsidy of 30% on the project cost upto a maximum size of 500 KW. This can be claimed by the Manufacturer/Supplier/EPC Contractor (should be an MNRE accredited supplier) on behalf of the customer.

Subsidy is not available for Grid Connected plants that engage in sale of power either to the local DISCOM or a 3rd party. Following are the benefits a Solar Power Developer involved in Sale of Power Generated can avail:

  • Accelerated Depreciation – Upto 90% of asset value with 80% depreciation allowed in the first year.
  • 10 years Tax Holiday – Tax holiday can be availed for 10 years during which time Minimum Alternate Tax is still applicable (19.9305%) which can be offset against tax payable later.
  • Other State specific exemptions which vary from state to state

Interested Investors can mail to info@highupsolar.com

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