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We Design, Engineer, Construct, Operate and Maintain the solar plant for the project lifetime. Our integrated profile affords us greater control over project development, construction and operation to deliver hassle-free and quality experience to our customers.

We sell energy to government utilities and independent industrial and commercial customers at predictable fixed prices. Since our energy generation does not rely on fossil fuels, our electricity prices are insulated from the volatility of commodity pricing. We also guarantee the electricity production of our solar power plants to our customers. We offer integrated project development, EPC, financing, O&M services without involving multiple third party services. This approach has allowed us to generate efficiencies of scale that further drive down system costs


    (1) Approvals and Liasoning:-
    Approvals and Liasoning forms mostly initial phase of development of plant that includes-
    (A) Project Registration at MNRE (Ministry of Non Renewable Energy) Nodal Agency
    (B) LTOA (Long Term Open Agreement) related works
    (C) Plant commissioning certificate
    (D) PPA (power purchase agreement) with private/government
    (E) Land related paper work
    (F) REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) related SLDC Registration,
    (G) Accreditation Certificate

    (2) Plant Design and Engineering:-
    Every project comes with its own difficulties- soil, weather, wind, radiance, and topography. All these factors need to be taken in account while designing its layout.Appropriate plant design and PV parameters are one of the key components to generate maximum output and thus maximum project value.
    (A) Selection of modules (based on capacity and efficiency).
    (B) Markings based on topographical sheet.
    (C) Panels are mounted as per the markings with minimum disturbance to the environment.

    (3) Construction and Procurement Management:-
    (A) Robust and agile supply chain(Tier 1 vendors) with global network for timely delivery of system equipments.
    (B) Inventory Management
    (C) Quality and Inspection control
    (D) Mounting Solutions
    (E) Alignment of non module components with module component to generate better yield
    (F) Integrated planning, scheduling and execution system
    (G) Final commissioning

    (4) Post Commissioning Management (O&M):-
    (A) Regular Cleaning- dust removal of panels and inverters
    (B) Inspection of site
    (C) Removal and replacement of faulty equipments
    (D) Remote Monitoring of plant With SCADA implementation

    (5) Monitor Functioning Of Our Solar Plant From Anywhere:-
    This service enables us to:-
    (A) Know real time data from anywhere anytime
    (B) Detailed analysis to understand if power generated is as expected/designed
    (C) Know issues on-field with equipments and manage with effective O&M
    (D) Predict the power generation with certainty
"Thanks to all the wonderful employees at High Up Solar System. What a pleasant process dealing with professional people. I only wish I was still in the workforce and could work with your dedicated group of motivated individuals."


Director, Caiex Global LLP

"We are proud to help produce "green" energy. It is fun to be able to track the progress of each day, week, and month's production. Going solar has already made a significant impact on our energy bill."

Capt.SK Singh

"The installation guys were better than great. If I owned a company, I would want them on my team. Thank you for the high quality of service."


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